Unity in Christ Ministries is dedicated to proclaiming the truth that God's Church on the earth today (the arms, legs ... BODY of CHRIST) must come into UNITY and that our learning to obey God's commandment that we "Love one another" is the only way this UNITY will ever come about.

It seems that for years we have heard sermon after sermon and seen conference after conference espouse the call for UNITY in the BODY of CHRIST. The sad thing is that without exception I have found the emphasis in each and all of these forums to be a call for "us" to be TOLERANT of those who have not yet found out that "we" know the "truth" and that when "they" come to this understanding "we" have, then true "unity" is going to come about.

I truly believe that the Holy Spirit has burned into my spirit that ALL of US, who have ACCEPTED and BELIEVE IN OUR HEARTS that the DEATH and CRUCIFICTION of JESUS CHRIST the SON OF GOD is the ONLY ACCEPTABLE SACRIFICE for OUR sins, that through HIS RESSURECTION WE now have a NEW LIFE IN HIM by PROFESSING WITH OUR LIPS that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD OF OUR LIVES, and that we must first DECIDE to OBEY GOD by CHOOSING TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER before true UNITY can come about.

Here are three messages the Lord has given me on this subject, please read them and if you are in any way inclined to contact me , please do so.



We desire to learn how to love one another in the manner and to the degree that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Commands us to. We believe that when we are able to do this, by the grace of God, that the world will then truly know that we are His. We believe that we are to be prepared to sow the seed of God's Word into the lives of those whom the Holy Spirit brings across our paths, and that when that seed produces new brothers and sisters in Christ, that we will be prepared to be used by Him to so disciple our new Brothers and Sisters in the Word of God, that His Spirit will have maximum opportunity to guide their lives in His service.
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This site was published on 12 June, 2000.